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Our doors are in the European door market since 1990.  We specialize in complex interior solutions: doors, partitions, dressing rooms, wall panels (boiseries). Our products fit perfectly with one another in design, finishes and colors, which makes it easy to create an interior with doors and furniture in the same style.


Invisible doors are product of impeccable alignment of engineering and design to provide outstanding appearance and functionality. The range of finishes will fit any design intention and will amaze the audience with seamless, elegant and 


Do you want your house to look modern, stylish, and the space used as efficiently as possible? Sliding interior doors and pocket doors are what you need! Stylish and practical doors will not only emphasize the interior, but also make the space more functional. Sliding doors will help you save money place, this is especially true for small apartments and premises. Pencil case doors are the perfect solution for those who want to maximize the use of space in their home. All constructions are made of high-quality materials, using high-quality fittings. 


Pivot doors are a modern way to connect two spaces. The luxury characteristic of a big rotating door panel always leaves a great impression. Our pivot doors are made with aluminum structure, heavy-duty mechanisms with soft closing options, and great acoustic properties. Range of finishes includes enamel paint, glossy or matt, glass, wood, and HPL.  

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